Erik's notes on Operating systems

Oldies can be goodies

Every new version of a computer operating system is always hailed as the best ever. Thus it is hard to understand why old OS-s are most often regarded as outdated, ridiculous, used by brain-dead or weirdos.  Their only disadvantage is age, i.e., a figure counted in years, but when introduced, they were magnificent. So of course they are the still the best for the purpose they were meant to meet. I recommend everyone to use the lowest operating system possible. Newer operating systems consume more space, memory and processor power and are - everything else being equal - therefore always slower. And you will always find that some of your favourite programs also need updating. That costs money and time.

Think different Do only upgrade your operating system, if you are compelled to, i.e., you can't live without the functionality of the higher OS version, or if you want to run specific applications that require that. As for me, I stay at a safe distance from the state of the arts in operating systems. I do have the Jaguar (System X.2.6) running somewhere in my home, but I work for most of the time in System 9.1 (from 2000). And I am not ashamed of it.

Erik Thau-Knudsen, 2003