6th House



No serious body parts missing, apart from some teeth. My dentists usually become wealthy, once they get me as their patient.

When 27, I started as a blood donor, basically to convince my girl-friend then that I was not suffering from AIDS but quit wbile 40 years old.

Military duty

I was conditionally suitable for military service, the medical commission said when I was 26. The reason was my weak ancles who would not endure trekking through a plow field. Apart from that, there was a lottery, which also relieved me from military duties. If the war comes, I shall serve in the Civil Defense, they told me. They also told me that I was near-sighted. That was new to me.

I was happy about not serving the army. Later, I got more envious to people with a military carreer behind them. Their training may not lead to the same in-depth understanding of the world as the one of us philologists, but its often beneficial for an interesting international carreer.

Cusp 29° 33' ♈ Aries
Stars in the house [none]
I Beredskabets dragt
Dressed up in bullet proof jacket of the Civil Defense in May 2014 (54 years old)