5th House


I have no particular luck in games, so I stay away from gambling, when money is involved.

As teenager, I was swimming a lot and made it to the national championships in Aarhus, Denmark, 1976. In my 30es capoeira, was introduced into my life, but ended when I moved from Copenhagen. Rollerskating dominated from 1995 till around 2011, when my rollerblades were worn down. Ever since, I try to exercise jogging and working out in the local gym. It's also more useful for being elections observer in new democracies.

Sex life

I am straight and I believe that the 30-40 relationships on my experience record (depending on the definition of the term relationship) is a normal figure for a Dane of my age. The number of times I have fallen in love is probably above the average.


I have two wonderful, beautiful, and harmonic children, a girl born 1999 named Synnøve, and a boy named Balder, born in 2002. I write much. Also, I play some music (guitar, block fluite), and I am okay on a dancing floor.

Cusp 7° 57' ♈ Aries
Stars in the house ☽ Luna (Moon) 19° 54' ♈ Aries
Photo: Balder & Synnøve show their plush animals one early morning in March, 2006