4th House


I live in Silkeborg, Denmark. I used to live in Århus and Copenhagen, both Denmark. I grew up in the Copenhagen suburb Mørkhøj but was born in the north-west part of the Danish capital. Moreover various domiciles in the cities of study abroad. Until my 40th year of life, I had had more than 20 moves.


My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, and I grew up with my mother who did not re-marry. My father came to see me and my brother one evening every 3 weeks or months, sometimes rarer. This was very rare by the standards of the 21st century — probably also when measured by the 20th century standards — but that was by his choice. A big part of my childhood and youth went by looking for father figures around me. It only stopped when I realised that I had become the man I was looking for.

My father left this world on September 15, 2005, thus matching his older pattern. My kids had the same age as my brother and I, when our mother threw out our father. My up-bringing of my children has, thus, no example for me to follow.

Cusp 7° 08' ♓ Pisces
Stars in the house

☼ Solis (Sun) 10° 23' ♓ Pisces

♟ Mercury 25° 50' ♓ Pisces