3rd House : Lower studies, shorter travels



Went from 1st till 9th form at Enghavegård Skole, Gladsaxe Kommune, Denmark.
Optional disciplines: 8th form: Cooking, Get organized; 9th form: computer studies (programming). Traineeships (9th form, 1976): Kemoteknisk Skole (Brønshøj, Copenhagen, Denmark) og Research Centre Risø (Roskilde, Denmark) .

Highschool at Nørre Gymnasium, Københavns Kommune, Denmark. Specialty: mathematics and physics.

Eight months at Skælskør Folkehøjskole. Optional disciplines: folk music, psychology, paedagogics.

Short travels

I made quite a bit of shorter travels until I turned 33. It was mostly around in Europe, either for language courses or dating my girl-friends.


I have a brother three years younger than me. He prefers anonymity on the internet.

Cusp 25° 27' ♑ Capricorn
Stars in the house

♂ Mars 5° 11' ♒ Aquarius

♀Venus 11° 24' ♒ Aquarius