10. House : Career, the mother


Professional career

Since 1989, I've been doing free-lance in interpretation, translation, international elections observations, language teaching and researching, authoring and editing encyclopedic articles.

The only time I had what one may term a regular wage work (with a monthly pay, fixed working hours, time unlimited employment) were 9 months in 2006-2007 at a gas filling station as a night watch. The customers were okay, but the workload (and the employment policy leading to it) was not, so I quit.



My mother is a kindergarten nurse who retired in the last half of the 1990s. She got divorced from my father when I was six years old. She never re-married. I spent the following 13 years with her and my 3 years younger brother.

Cusp 7° 08' ♍ Virgo
Stars in the house [none]
Planets close to the cusp ♇ Pluto 4° 46' ♍ Virgo