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Lost in translation?

Slavoglotta Sprogformidling

I will not yell in class.
I will not throw things. 
I will not teach other kids.
I am the teacher



2009-06-24 | 8:51 am
Faster iPhone after upgrade to OS 3.0

The desktop, page 1 of my iPhone after updating to OS 3.0. Photo: Erik Thau-Knudsen, 2009-06-24
Among the many improvements that Apple offered its iPhone users in iPhone OS 3.0 was a speed boost in many applications. Fellow iPhone users are recommended to upgrade immediately.

iPhone how-to

2009-05-26 | 6:27 pm
Attach images from WWW to contacts in iPhone

iPhone desktop
The Contacts list is the key to the 3rd Generation (3G) production line of iPhone. Here’s a few tricks on how to add a portrait photo to a contact, using the built-in Safari web browser.

Civil status

Feb 15, 09 | 11:14 pm
No more Senhor Thau-Knudsen!

The Portuguese Ministry of Justics
Three weeks ago I got an official notification that I was divorced in Portugal.

News archive

These news are written for an international au­di­ence. If you live in Denmark, please consult my news pages in Danish, as they are more updated with urgent news.

The job jungle

Self-portrait of Erik Thau-Knudsen from 2006-03-15 at home

Shell takes me off the dole

The Shell filling station at Østergade, Silkeborg, Denmark
Image of my future work place. Photo: Erik Thau-Knudsen, 2006-11-22

As of December 7, 2006, I shall start my training at the local Shell service station in Silkeborg to become a nightwatch.

My days of living on government charity will end soon. My local Shell filling station is hiring me as a nightwatch there. Most of the customers will be buying non-car related items such as cigarettes, wine, chocolate, and even xxx-rated DVDs. Since I am going to be there in the night time and usually alone, I shall not be leaving the building, so the functions of the job is more comparable to running a grocery store or hot-dog stand than servicing cars.

This will be my first regular job in 25 years. Other jobs of my CV have been limited in time, i.e., on some kind of contract, e.g., elections observer, or simply not in a full working week, e.g., encyclopedia writer. Last time I had a regular job was as a cleaning assistant in a local hospital in 1980. The job cannot be considered something you would give anybody with a couple of university degrees on an MA level but Shell is the first employer that has accepted me.

With the financial backing from working there I might re-open my old company of interpretation and translations.

Erik Thau-Knudsen


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